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Adeline Norberg: Escape from Wendler?

Adeline Norberg: Escape from Wendler?

Good-bye! Michael Wenders, 48, daughter Adeline Norberg, 19, packed up and moved from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast…

Adeline Norberg: A fresh start without Michael Wendler?

On her Instagram account, Adeline Norberg documented her journey from leaving her children’s room at Cape Coral to arriving in Los Angeles, where she wants to study. But why did Adeline suddenly turn away from her father and young wife, Laura Muller, with whom she last lived?

Could she have intentionally ended up on the other side of the United States to find herself there? Regardless of her fathery to be able to build their own lives? It is not improbable! After all, her father did with Crodine conspiracy theories He led his march to the wall.

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Adeline Norberg: “Believe something will happen to you”

He is said to have terrible debts and They have no more income. Is Adeline easy enough? It would be understandable anyway. After all, former Wendler manager Markus Krampe predicted a few months ago on the podcast “Fresh or Trash”:

I think there will be a lot of things waiting for them, which not even Michael Wendler will be able to save then.

Because from a purely legal point of view, Adeline can do for them Her father’s financial problems are being sued. This was also the reason Crump abandoned management: “What I am most sorry about and what is the reason for my resignation: the day I found out that Adeline was the owner of this company, which now gets everything, it was over for me.”

Adeline may have realized it herself by now. Lots of fans wish her so anyway. “Be glad you got out of there”, It says, for example, in the network. or: “I hope you have given up your position at Alibaba immediately.” This would really make sense, because otherwise 4271 kilometers would not help …

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