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Additional charge for Great Britain/Ireland and Italy/Turkey

Additional charge for Great Britain/Ireland and Italy/Turkey

Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Turkey are participating in the European Football Championship for the first time. Russia’s candidacy was stopped at an early stage.

Former Welsh football star Gareth Bale is Great Britain and Ireland’s candidate ambassador, right, with UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin.

Denis Polybous/Reuters

(sda) The 2028 European Football Championship will be held in Great Britain and Ireland. In 2032, continental tournaments will be held in Italy and Turkey. This was decided at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in Nyon.

Awards were announced in advance for associations from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland, Italy and Turkey. After Turkey withdrew its individual bid for 2028 and joined Italy’s bid for 2032, they are the only remaining bidders for the two tournaments. UEFA put an end to Russian ambitions early on.

For Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Turkey, who have never hosted a World Cup, it will be the first time the major event will be held in their home country. Italy last hosted the European Championship in 1980 and two years ago was one of the ten venues for the 2021 pan-European title fights, along with Rome, Glasgow, Scotland and London, England. In 1990, the World Cup was also held in Italy. .

Ten venues for the 2028 tournament have already been decided. Along with London’s Wembley, the largest stadiums with a capacity of 90,000 spectators are Tottenham Stadium (62,850 seats), Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium (53,400), Liverpool’s yet-to-be-completed Everton Stadium (52,888), Newcastle’s James Park (52,000) and Birmingham’s Villa Park (42,657). Offers six seats.

With Wales at Cardiff (74,500), Scotland at Glasgow’s Hampton Park (51,866), Ireland at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium (51,700) and Northern Ireland at Euro 2028’s smallest stadium (74,500), the Cappast Caps 34, 34. It is not yet clear which stadiums will play in 2032.

The 2024 European Championship will be held in Germany.