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Actress beats dancers in her heart!

Actress beats dancers in her heart!

During the current “Let’s Dance” training session, Valentina Pahde strikes Valentin Lusin’s heart. Deliberate or simple mistake?

The basics are in brief

  • Actress Valentina Bahadi made a little mistake during training.
  • In the end of a dancer persona, she collides with professional dancer Valentin Lucien in her heart.
  • Wife Renata Lucien finds funny words about this incident.

They had it this week promiseBut also professional dancers, difficult training in the truest sense of the word. Valentina Bahdi meets the Valentine Lusine rooms in the middle of training. But how could he get there?

In triple trainingDance It happens with Valentin Lusin and Evgeny Vinokurov: in the middle of choreography, she really wants to hit the bottom of the dancer with the palm of her hand in the final position, but then hits the genius of Valentine. He is, of course, completely amazed.

“Let’s dance”: your fault

The scene looks funny, but in an interview with the broadcaster «RTL“It’s actually his fault,” says the professional dancer. “Something like this happens when you forget to turn. “How does Valentine’s wife see that?

In a “Jotun Morgen Deutschland” conversation, Valentina’s wife Renata jokes saying that she calls Valentina: “Valentina, I would love to have children on Valentine’s Day!” And everyone laughed together.

Whether training was useful and how Major Lazer’s “Light It Up” trio does, fans will find out starting at 8.15pm. “RTL».

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