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“Activists gave us the village”

Residents of villages around Lutzer (de) complain about climate activists. These would have left “massive damage”.


The basics in brief

  • Thousands demonstrated against the evacuation of the German town of Lützerath.
  • The activists also spent time in nearby villages.
  • According to the residents, they “sent” everything there.

German town of lignite Lützerath no longer exists: the last house it was demolished on Thursday.

long days Climate activist protest Ultimately the demolition cannot be prevented. Thousands demonstrated against the village’s eviction, apparently causing chaos in surrounding towns.

The locals feel like they are in a horror movie

Residents of the villages of Keyenberg, Kuckum, Berverath, Ober- and Unterwestrich are now complaining about this. In an open letter, they address the chief of police, the district administrator and the mayor, Rheinische Post reports.

Because it was said that the activists set up camp in their villages when they arrived. The allegations are very serious: “They are basically fooling the whole village,” one local resident tells the newspaper.

In addition, climate activists ran through the villages at night masked, chanting slogans and lighting firecrackers. There was “significant damage” to homes and fields. People simply do it afraidAccording to the newspaper.

“To us it’s like it’s in Hitchcock’s The Birds,” notes the resident. In the horror movie, birds start attacking humans for no apparent reason.

Do you understand climate activists?

So many villagers contacted the mayor of Erkelens City directly. “I have a feeling that the mood is changing,” he explains. He received “countless calls and emails” because of the activists.

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