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Active: Kia EV6 - Seated Already

Active: Kia EV6 – Seated Already

Kia EV6 – already seated

With the EV6, Kia wants to boost electric mobility within the company. In addition to the 800-volt technology as in the upper-class models, the Koreans also offer some other interesting innovations in relation to other electronic cars.

The talk of the fact that Kia has long since stopped making mid-range cars at low prices has likely reached most of the people interested in new cars. But with the EV6 (base prices between 44,990 and 65,990 euros), Koreans dare take another leap. The mid-range crossover, which is based on a newly developed group platform for electric vehicles, makes 800-volt technology suitable for a wide range of applications, previously only given to more expensive upper-class models such as the Audi E-Tron GT or the Porsche Taycan. The manufacturer promises to be able to fetch the battery from ten to 80 percent in just 18 minutes with high charging power.

With the largest battery, the Kia EV6 should deliver 325 hp and reach a top speed of 260 km / h.

(Image: Kia)

A large number of battery, drive and power variants should give customers a wide range of options: the debut is the 58 kWh version, rear-wheel drive and 169 hp. There’s more power with the 77 kWh battery, which, combined with rear wheel drive, delivers 229 hp and a WLTP range of 510 km. If you prefer four-wheel drive, you will get 235 hp in regards to the 58 kWh battery and 325 hp with the 77 kWh battery. The latest version looks quite sporty with a record speed of 5.2 seconds to 100 km / h. But the car is crowned with a 585 hp GT, which reaches a speed of 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, and a speed of 260 km / h.

Part of the brand family but new

From the outside, the recently introduced Kia is recognizable as a member of the brand family, but it has some innovations. Since cooling energy is required in battery electric cars, the front can be made flatter and you no longer need such large openings for flowing air. The so-called “tiger nose” has become digital and thus part of dynamic daylight.


Of course, Kia also provides suitable seats in the EV6 for the sports fanatic.

(Image: Kia)

Speaking of light: a small spot in the C-pillar area provides brightness in the dark – a nice design ploy with which the EV6 blows out. The slim LED backlight strip stripes match the sill stripes. The sloping roof line marks the side line of the middle layer 4.70 m long. This impression may be due at least to the lush 2.90m wheelbase. This, in turn, is a result of the good packing in battery electric cars.

The EV6’s second-row first seat test shows that there will be no shortage of space in the back – even tall folks will know how to sort their knees without hitting the front seat backrests. But the sights are attracted to the foreground because it is there that you can experience the best new infotainment and interestingly designed architecture for Kia.

Extensive connections


The Kia EV6 communicates via two large screens.

(Image: Kia)

Koreans transmit a wealth of information on two large screens, and round gadgets of any kind are a thing of the past. The practical thing is the multi-customizable button bar underneath the central air vents – technically a small touchscreen, so to speak, for the purpose of direct control of everyday things like adjusting the air conditioning, without having to go into different depths. Lists. The sleek ‘floating’ center console not only contains storage space, but also houses several USB ports.

Other high-tech features – such as a head-up display with augmented reality elements, an exit assist that warns of approaching cyclists and remote-controlled parking – top out the show. The fact that the new Kia EV6 also has two-way charging (so it can also output power via the charging connection) fits into the picture. Here the e-bike can be charged just like a toaster that can run on a picnic. There is also a heat pump on board, thanks to which – and the manufacturer promises – 80 percent of the battery capacity is still available for the engine even in outdoor temperatures below seven degrees. Delivery of the EV6 will begin in fall 2022. However, for the higher GT model, potential customers will have to be patient for a few more months.