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Acquisition by Elon Musk - Tested Twitter profiles will soon cost money - News

Acquisition by Elon Musk – Tested Twitter profiles will soon cost money – News

  • Verified profiles may cost money on Twitter in the future.
  • That’s what it says on at least two tech blogs that rely on insider knowledge.
  • After taking over the SMS, Elon Musk announced that the checking account would be reviewed.

So far it’s been free: Twitter profile validation, which is marked with a blue tick next to the profile name. This job is mainly available for celebrities, companies, politicians or journalists and accounts that have many followers.

However, tech blogs “Platformer” and “The Verge” reported Monday night that the check marks should only be available to Twitter Blue’s subscription offer customers in the future. It currently costs just under five dollars a month.


So-called verified accounts are marked with a blue tick and are so far only available to celebrities and companies with a large number of followers.

Photograph: Dadu Rovich/Reuters

The Verge also wrote, citing insiders and internal communications, that verification should be part of a new, more expensive blueprint. Twitter wants to charge you just under $20 a month for this.

Elon Musk himself announced on Twitter that the account verification process is being reviewed. He took over SMS a few days ago – for about $44 billion. The money came in part from sales of his shares in electric car maker Tesla, but also from investor contributions and loans.