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Acknowledged: Finally something about the Obsidian RPG – the release period is included

Acknowledged: Finally something about the Obsidian RPG – the release period is included

Obsidian Entertainment's Avowed was announced in 2020 and saw some scenes in June. No more. At least until today and now there is a release period.

Meanwhile, Obsidian Entertainment is affiliated with Microsoft and has had recent successes with Outer Worlds and Grounded, but there has been little reporting on Avowed, the role-playing game announced in 2020, aside from a few scenes at a June presentation.

In the Developer Direct this evening, there was not only a lot of gameplay to see, primarily related to the combat system, but also a very specific release window. Accordingly, it seems that the game should exist Fall 2024 for PC and Xbox He appears. finally.

The gameplay on offer at least gives a good impression of the various environments, clearly showing that first-person gameplay is popular and that in addition to classic weapons like swords and shields, firearms like pistols also play a role. And that's against opponents who look very strange.

However, the second part of the show also showed that intense dialogues with well-developed characters are no easy feat. As usual with Obsidian, different answer choices and decisions are an important element, although the corresponding consequences must also be anticipated.

The whole thing looks very exciting, both visually and gameplay-wise, and Obsidian isn't known for having bad games. Let's hope we find out more about the promising title soon.

Recognized – Developer Direct gameplay demo – with appointment scheduled

In a Developer Direct, Obsidian showed off more gameplay for Avowed and revealed a fall 2024 release window.