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ACJ Two Twenty: Airbus presents its first A220 in VIP version

ACJ Two Twenty: Airbus presents its first A220 in VIP version

For the first time, Airbus has delivered the A220 to its customer as a business aircraft. Comlux is now preparing the aircraft for Five Hotel Group and its owners in Dubai.

The plane is heading to hotel magnate Kabir Mulchandani and his company Five Hotels from Dubai. Airbus has delivered its first ACJ Two Twenty A220 from Mirabel, Canada, the manufacturer announced Wednesday (January 5). The plane went to the Swiss company Comlux, which installed the VIP cabin in the plane in Indianapolis, USA, and then later. gonna work for five.

Mulchandani and Five Hotels are scheduled to start operating the plane, which will carry the 9H-FIVE registration, in early 2023. The businessman wants to use the plane with his family, but is also using it to transport wealthy hotel guests. “We have guests who spend more money on champagne one evening than they do on flights from Zurich to Dubai and back,” he said. Mulchandani in November presents ACJ Two Twenty plans.

Long term well received

Other wealthy clients should also be able to rent the plane, such as Premier League football clubs for flights to winter training camps. In addition to comfort, what matters to an entrepreneur when it comes to airplanes is that Fantastic coverage, which Airbus defines as up to 5,650 nautical miles or 10,463 kilometres. “It guarantees us connections from Dubai to everywhere in Africa, Europe and Asia,” says Mulchandani.