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Achievement award for athletes and teams

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Many athletes have been recognized for their achievements by the Wenden Municipal Sports Association. © Ronja Worm

The athletes and teams from Wendsche Land had reason to be happy. They have been honored for their sporting achievements by the Municipal Sports Association.

In turn – “If you give everything, you can’t blame yourself.” With this quote from the best athletes Dirk Nowitzki, Peter Niklas, President of the Municipal Sports Association, presented the honors of many athletes and teams, as befits the evening’s event.

Under the direction of Volker Arns, the “12 cylinders” of MGV Elben ensured a lively atmosphere in the council chamber of the Wenden town hall in the evenings, not only honoring the athletes with medals and diplomas, but also with music.

Jutta Heiken-Develd, the second deputy mayor, emphasized that the sport represents the close ties of the Winden district.

Together, they wanted to say thanks “for all the sporting moments.” Because of the various challenges, it is especially important to be able to maintain a range of sports for young and old.

Volksbank board member Marco Heinemann emphasized the extent to which sports clubs and institutions bring people together.

The well-being of local clubs is therefore of particular importance to them.

After 2019, the Volksbank Honorary Award was presented for the second time this year.

Uwe Stahl, who has been a volunteer on FC Altenhof’s board of directors for nearly a decade, can be happy with around €250. Community Sports Association board members receive flat gifts.

All athletes are congratulated with medals and certificates.


  • SG Wenden – Athletics: Christl Dörschel, Stefanie Osthoff, Sandra Clemens, Johanna Pulte, Verena Schneider, Judith Hacker, Tanja Charitos
  • Ottfingen sport shooters: Heike Bleeker and Lea Weck


  • SG Wenden – Athletics: Marco Geese, Jarn Beckmann, Markus Mokenhaupt, Friedrich Wiener, Jörg Hainer, Simon Hochstein, Fabian Jain, Stefan Lang and Stefan Schmallenbach
  • Ottfingen sports shooters: Paul Clore


  • SG Wenden – Athletics: Simon Hochstein, Frederic Wiener, Marco Gheese, Simon Hochstein, Fabian Jain, Marco Gheze, Frederick Wiener, Thomas Gheze, Julian Bolt, Judith Hacker, Stephanie Osthoff, Sandra Clemens, Joanna Bolt, Judith Hacker, Christophe Stoffeschel Oschel Lukert, Chrystel Dorschel , Jonas Hoffmann, Fabian Jain, Frederik Wiener, Fabian Jain, Frederik Wiener, Marco Gezzi, Stefan Lang, Stefan Schmallenbach, Henning Grün, Tanja Charitos, Chrystel Dorschel, Bokje Beckmann, Stephanie Oeschel
  • SG shift – gymnastics: Emmi Müller, Amelie Stracke, Maria Solbach, and Anna Lia Schamme
  • The youth team of the Siegen-Olpe Golf Club: Julius Heinemann, Julius Hauptmann, Jan Gerlach, Anna-Katherina Voltmayer, Leo Maximilian Voltmayer, Malte Sasmannshausen, Erich Breytenbach, Matthijs Alessio, Martin Robinson (PGA-Pro Coach), Uwe Eschemann (Assistant Coach) and Noah Saßmannshausen (Youth Director)
  • Ottfingen sports shooters: Erika Westkamper, Rudolf Weber, Wolfgang Walther, Thomas Spelz, Jörg Gros


  • Altenhof: Andre Schmidt, Eckhard Stahl, Uwe Stahl, and Benjamin Woeg
  • SV Helmick: Michael Kaufmann, Alexander Strack, and Andreas Schmidt

Written by Ronja Worm