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ACE Money Transfer launches in Australia

21.04.2021 – 06:08

Ace money transfer

Manchester, England (ots / PRNewswire)

ACE money transfer Introduced global money transfer services in Australia.

Focusing on expansion, innovation, exceptional customer experience and fast time to market, ACE offers convenient and comprehensive money transfer services to users around the world.

After serving 1.3 million people in over 100 countries and over 300,000 payments locations in Great Britain (UK) and the European Union (EU), ACE Money Transfer has a new goal: to establish itself digitally internationally And serving Australian customers.

ACE’s approach is to digitize remittances and make remittance services more convenient and affordable – especially for migrant workers in Australia. Each transaction will be digital, and there will be no or low fees compared to money transfers via standard switches, which are usually associated with higher fees.

“It is essential for businesses to ‘feel’ their customers. This is the ‘feeling’ for customers who have led ACE to bring ACE to Australia to provide affordable, convenient and convenient solutions for their money transfer needs,” said Rashid Ashraf. CEO is the CEO of money transfer.

Sending hard-earned money home to individuals in Australia to support their families and make a living is great news. You can use ACE money transfer services at any time through the website or mobile application and transfer funds with your debit or credit card. Regardless of whether customers make regular transfers, they can use options such as airtime, mobile wallets and bill payments from the comfort of their own home.

The first step for any international remittance company is to achieve rapid expansion goals. A.C.E. Money Transfer has made a name for itself by serving customers in the UK and Europe for over 15 years. Working on another continent is a logical step to show your ambitions.

ACE Money Transfer (registered name “Aptap Currency Exchange Limited”) is a well-established financial institution based in Manchester that specializes in overseas payments offering online and application-based money transfer services. To start operations in Australia, ACE Money Transfer acquired an Australian company with ACN number 626577268 under the name “ACE Money Transfer PTY LTD”. The Australian subsidiary is duly licensed and registered with AUSTRAC (Financial Regulator of Australia) 30 Fremont Circuit, Troganina, Wick, 3029, Australia.

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