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Accusation of Rammstein singer – Criminal proceedings in Berlin against singer Till Lindemann halted – News

Accusation of Rammstein singer – Criminal proceedings in Berlin against singer Till Lindemann halted – News

  • The Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office has dropped criminal proceedings against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann.
  • In the room there was a suspicion of sexual offenses.
  • The evaluation of the evidence did not provide any evidence that Lindemann “performed sexual acts against women against their will.” Attorney general.

Criminal investigations began in mid-June, following news of allegations made by women against Lindemann. Several women have previously accused – partially anonymously – Lindemann and described situations they found frightening at times.


Singer Till Lindemann of the German rock band Rammstein.

Keystone / Peter Gerber

Lindemann’s lawyer said the quick appointment proves “that the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution Office did not shed light on any evidence or circumstantial evidence to accuse my clients of sexual crimes.” On the Internet and in the media, there was an unfounded “dangerous bias”. Legal action will continue to be taken against unacceptable representations.

Neither the victim nor the witness has been found

And now the Public Prosecutor’s Office has announced that the victims or witnesses have not been reported or have not been found. “So far, the alleged victims have not contacted law enforcement authorities, but only – even after the investigation became known – to journalists.” It was therefore not possible to “suffice” the allegations or clarify the credibility of the potential victims.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the first known allegation by a woman from Northern Ireland, who referred to a concert in Lithuania, “there was no tangible factual evidence of sexual offenses by the defendants” after evaluating the documents.

Information provided by another witness, who initially made allegations via YouTube, “remained very vague during cross-examination.” The investigating authority said it also did not describe any criminal incidents to which it was personally involved. The conditions you describe are either inferences from observations or have been described by others.