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According to the WSJ, Facebook’s parent company Meta plans to cut thousands of jobs

At Facebook’s parent company, there are “several thousand” jobs on the brink

Meta is planning to cut clear

Twitter made headlines last week. Neo President Elon Musk is implementing massive job cuts in the SMS service. Thousands of jobs are now at risk at Facebook’s parent company Meta.


According to media reports, it plans to cut thousands of jobs: Mark Zuckerberg.

According to a press report, Facebook’s parent company Meta plans to cut thousands of jobs. The American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” reported, on Sunday, quoting informed sources, that “several thousand” employees may be affected by job cuts. There may already be an official announcement from the group on Wednesday.

Meta, which includes not only the online network of Facebook but also the photo service Instagram and the messaging service Whatsapp, has about 87,000 employees worldwide. The group had recorded a decline in profits and a decline in sales in the third quarter. Revenue fell to $27.7 billion from $29 billion and profit was halved to $4.4 billion.