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According to the report, ending the water is no longer an option for Tesla >

Shortly before the planned delivery of the first Model Y from Tesla’s plant in Grünheide near Berlin, it appears that the last Damocles sword hanging over the project has been dismantled. The WSE Association responsible for the water supply in the Gigafactory announced after the court ruling that You may have to terminate the contract with TeslaOtherwise, there will not be enough water left for the rest of his customers. But shortly before the decision was made on Thursday, there was now supposed to be an agreement with the state of Brandenburg, with which Tesla’s full supply could be made.

The crisis meeting solves the water problem for Tesla

Shortly after giving blanket approval to the Tesla project in early March, the Administrative Court in Frankfurt an der Oder decided that approval must be given by the state. High water intake at a WSE station was illegal. This eliminated 3.8 million cubic meters of the association’s annual quota. He told a press conference this week that the state had prepared a draft tolerance for 2.5 million cubic metres. Including Tesla deliveries, 1.8 million cubic meters will still be missing, which is why “all options are on the table.”

with the Andre Bähler, president of WSE, did not explicitly want Tesla’s contract to be terminated at this event Threatening, but indirectly indicated that it is a possibility. However, he also stated that there was generally enough water for Tesla and anyone else in the area. The state only has to create the conditions for this by allowing the full production volume of the plant, the ratification of which was declared illegal by the court.

And after WSE, as said at the press conference (see photo above), with Water warnings since the beginning of the Tesla project It has received little attention, and the country now appears to have a short-term understanding. On Wednesday there was a crisis meeting in the State Chancellery of Brandenburg, BZ . reports. The result: in the event of a water shortage, WSE may pump, according to a new tolerance, another 1.3 million cubic meters of water in addition to the 2.5 million cubic metres. Together, this fully corresponds to the amount lost as a result of the ruling.

Gigafactory termination is no longer a problem

According to WSE, the contract with Tesla includes a volume of 1.8 million cubic meters of water per year, but only 1.3 million is allowed to be consumed after approval. This seems to have solved the water shortage problem in the Gigafactory at the moment: “The WSE is withdrawing the decision to terminate the contract today,” said the mayor of one of the BZ member municipalities. The development freeze that it imposed in the past so that reserves do not become more scarce.

The water needed to produce Tesla can now flow into Grünheide, and for now there is enough water to keep up with the expected influx of employees at the Gigafactory. For next Tuesday it is Delivery of the first 30 Model Y performances in the building Planned. In addition to the clients, Tesla President Elon Musk and federal political celebrities are also expected.