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According to a UK survey, BMW owners are the worst drivers

A company in Great Britain tried to identify bad drivers. According to the survey, BMW and Audi owners in particular are unpopular.

Brief essentials

  • According to a survey, BMW owners are the worst drivers in Great Britain.
  • Among the appreciated road users are Porsche drivers.

It’s okay Whether it is a cantonal league Or gender: Prejudices about drivers are not unique to Switzerland.

There are also big differences in the popularity of road users in Great Britain. MoneyBorn, a company that specializes in auto financing, has launched a survey to find out which brands use the worst drivers.

BMW is infamous – Porsche praised

More than 4,000 participants came to a clear conclusion: about 39 percent of those surveyed That BMW owner Bad driving.

The lands are far behind Audi With about 14 percent. The top five most infamous road users are White Van, Range Rover and Ford.

On the other hand, according to the most popular keepers survey on Porsche, Honda, Toyota And Koda.

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