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Abuse case - Quinn withdraws Prince Andrew's military title - News

Abuse case – Quinn withdraws Prince Andrew’s military title – News

  • Queen Elizabeth II has withdrawn all military ranks and royal patronage from her son Prince Andrew, who has been prosecuted for mistreatment in the United States.
  • More than 150 veterans had previously asked the Queen to revoke this title from Prince Andrew.
  • In the abuse scandal, according to experts, only a million dollars could save the son of the queen from a scandalous court case.

Buckingham Palace in London announced Thursday that Andrew will defend himself in the process as a private citizen.

“With the consent and consent of the Queen, the military ranks and royal patronage of the Duke of York have been returned to the Queen,” the statement said.

Veteran letter

“British Army officers are held to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and honorable conduct,” former high-ranking representatives of the Royal Navy and the British Army as well as combat pilots wrote in a letter published on Thursday.

Prince Andrew, 61, who is facing a civil lawsuit over allegations of abuse in the United States, did not meet these criteria.

The process is approaching

Prince Andrew’s trial got a little closer to a New York court ruling on Wednesday: The judge dismissed the objections of Andrew’s lawyers who wanted the lawsuit to be nipped in the bud. American Virginia Joffrey accuses Prince of sexually assaulting her several times about 20 years ago when she was 17.

Accordingly, it was mediated by the deceased American millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew categorically denies these allegations. The Queen’s son has resigned as a member of the royal family since the allegations became known, but he has so far kept the military title.

Does Prince Andrew buy himself for free?

In the abuse scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, according to experts, the son of the queen can only be saved from a scandalous case with a million dollars. Renowned British media lawyer Mark Stephens commented, on Thursday, that the 61-year-old no longer has any good options.

The damage must be minimized.” Stevens estimates that Andrew will have to offer plaintiff Virginia Joffrey £5-10m for an out-of-court settlement. The snag: “Miss Joffrey wants it for her day in court.”

This was also explained by one of the American lawyers. “It is very important to Virginia Joffrey that this matter is resolved in a way that brings justice to her and the other victims,” ​​David Boyce told the BBC. But he left the back door open for amicable settlement. This case is considered one of the most important cases brought against a member of the royal family in recent times.