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“Absolutely out of place” - New South Tyrolean daily

“Absolutely out of place” – New South Tyrolean daily

Governors Günther Blatter and Arnaud Kombatcher show no understanding of the further delays in building BBT and claim it to be limited.

Tyrolean Governor Gunther Blatter and South Tyrol Governor Arno Kombacher criticize renewed delays in building the Brenner’s main tunnel. Through the efforts of all politically and technically involved bodies and improvements during construction, it must be ensured that the Brenner Base Tunnel can be operationalized as soon as possible.

“Residents along the Brenner Pass have high hopes for the Brenner Main Tunnel so that the quality of life can be improved. At the same time, the Brenner Corridor needs competitive rail infrastructure in order to be able to move goods in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. Each month of delay means an extra month of The pressure on the people of Tyrol and South Tyrol, ”says LH Platter.

“Together with Governor Günther Platter, we have had many detailed discussions with the BBT SE board members in the past few months, asking for solutions and improvements so that we can operate the Brenner Base Tunnel as quickly as possible. Governor Arno Kombacher said the most important infrastructure project is European should not be slowed down by public procurement or technical difficulties due to national interests.

In conclusion, both Governors reaffirmed their shared commitment to the top management of BBT SE, the companies owning RFI and ÖBB, as well as political officials in the ministries and in the European Commission, that political and technical coordination between the European Union and Italy and Austria would be intensified, in order to solve the railway engineering issues. And efficient procurement act.

“ Since some of the delays, according to the BBT SE, are due to the review and coordination of the railway equipment, we further expect that the different sections of Brenner Corridor will be operated together, and thanks to a unified system in the Brenner core tunnel, no more technical or national obstacles in the future affect Ultimately, the top priority is to use the full potential of OPET to divert freight and passenger traffic to rail. LH Günther Platter and LH Arno Kompatscher explain in conclusion, “thinking of the nation-state is not entirely out of place in this context” .

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