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Aargau thief pays 600 francs for 4.75 cheese

Instead of paying for the cheese like the rest of her purchases in Migros, a woman from Aargau stole it. This now cost her dearly.


The basics in brief

  • The Public Prosecutor of Brugg-Zurzach AG sent out penal orders for theft.
  • For some Migros customers, “shopping” is now more expensive than if they had paid.

Grab something in the store or swindle with the delete button while self-scanning. It seems in some people Do not arouse a conscience.

A Brugger Migros client She must have thought she was smart when she stole a 4.75-franc packet of cheese in her jacket pocket last November. The fact that theft is not worth it eventually became clear when the prosecutor’s office prog– Zorzach was sentenced to a penalty of 600 francs.

This includes a large fine plus fees.

The Migros thieves also received an email from the public prosecutor’s office, the Aargauer Zeitung reported. The Public Prosecutor’s Office issued several penal orders against people who stole from Neumarket-Migros.

Migros has installed surveillance cameras

Three cheesecakes and a fanta worth CHF6.25 ended up costing CHF615 per Swiss person. instead of Sushishrimp, Asian snacks, rice noodles and nonshim soup, a 19-year-old boy chose a different route: He smuggled the items out of the store in his gym bag. He, too, later received a punitive order in the amount of several hundred francs at home.

Be honest: have you ever shoplifted?

Because what the thieves did not know: surveillance cameras were installed in Migros, which means that identifying thieves does not present much of a challenge to the police.

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