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Aarau End of Year Celebrations | Earth Newspaper

The 1 men from Aarau’s year-end team in Hotuel against co-promoted Schwarzenbach persuaded to team up and score their first away points of the season. Peter Byland and Marco Stoltenberg scored twice in a 7-2 win over Schwarzenbach, who are having a great season in the top flight and part of the extended Group A. Captain Dominic Studer used his unprecedented penalty kick to make it 4: 2. A week earlier, they lost 7-3 to leaders Unihockey Limmattal due to a power outage from the sixth to the twelfth minute.

Speaking of the leaders: In the last home game of the year, Women 1 won against the UH Zulgtal Eagles, topping League 1 Group 1, 4:1 and thus securing their third consecutive victory. Thus, the women from Aarau have established themselves in third place and are still five points behind the first pair.

She was close in the Junior U21 match against Schupbach. The Young Eagles went ahead 6-2 in the 8-7 win and won the intense game with a goal with three minutes left in Extremis. Aarau sits first in the table with six points.

Unfortunately, the U18 juniors couldn’t get any more points at 3:4 in the derby against Baden-Birmenstorf.

Meanwhile, 2 men got their 4th and 5th draws respectively in 1:1 against Muttens Prateln and in 2:2 against Adliswil. Adler overtakes Frenkendorf-Füllinsdorf in the table and is now back in first place.