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A wonderful worker of a different kind

A wonderful worker of a different kind

How good is the new iPhone? What are the new jobs under the hood? And did you already get a new design? These three questions are asked in my head by many people every year shortly before the start of sales.

The big advantage of the tech journalist is that we can actually test the new devices for a certain period of time before the official launch. And in fact, the technological heart must take leaps of joy with the youngest generation of Apple. But oh, it’s complicated…

Playing with Hollywood

Yes, the new iPhone 13 (of course!) has an improved interior design. The battery really lasts 2 hours longer, the operation is faster and smoother, the sharp screen with intense colors has been completely fixed, and the camera (now with lenses arranged diagonally) has a special cinema mode that is automatic when recording. Persons in the right focus and intensified. Particularly clever: if you are not satisfied, the focus can also be reset after exposure. Everything is great, but not that revolutionary either.

iPhone 13 is coming Now with diagonally arranged lenses. Photo: zvg

The new iPhone received some technical upgrades over the previous model, but the big success factor is missing for the time being. Also, visually you can hardly see any difference compared to the previous generation. However, there was suddenly, this wow factor. But for other, more personal reasons…

Take care of yourself, iPhone Mini

I’ve been using it for over a year now iPhone MiniThat fell in love with him a little. It is easy to use, light and fits in every narrow pocket due to its size. But despite its small size, the screen is too small to allow for comfortable couch browsing and for entertainment purposes.

So this year I decided again the normal size, i.e. for the regular iPhone 13, i.e. no Pro version and also no Pro Max version, because these high-end smartphones from Apple are generally either too heavy or too bulky for me.

eye treatment

And after just a few minutes of switching, my eyes and fingers thank me. The larger screen is a blessing and typing messages is now faster because individual characters on the screen can now be pressed again without any issues on the first try.

An additional big surprise is the nice light weight of the latest generation. In short: After the mini-flight, the iPhone 13 now has the perfect size and weight (back) for me to have with me as a daily and entertaining companion.

However, there is a feeling of regret in my stomach that I will miss the iPhone Mini so much. I will very likely switch to the smaller version again in a year. But for now, my eyes and fingers are very happy with the last generation.

And for those undecided, the same applies this year: If you really have an older iPhone, you’re welcome to get access to it, but if you have the previous version and you’re satisfied, you can save your purchase for now because there’s no real tech revolution.

The new iPhone 13 is again presented in many bright colors, Photo: zvg

iPhone 13 will be available in stores on Friday from CHF 879 (128 GB version). The 256 GB version costs 999 francs, and the 512 GB version costs 1243 francs.