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A woman finds a body buried in her kitchen

A woman finds a body buried in her kitchen

It’s a story like something out of a Hollywood thriller: During her six-month trip to Algeria, a French woman leaves her apartment to a married couple. The two were supposed to renovate the apartment at Livry-Gargan in the greater Paris area during this time.

When she returns home after a long stay abroad, the woman notices a foul smell in her kitchen.

Flies fly in the room, and the stench soon turns out to be chlorine: the woman is suspicious and calls the police, as reported by the French newspaper Le Parisien.

Terrified cops smash a hole in a suspicious new department. They make a frightening discovery: a walled-up corpse – wrapped in a blanket and eaten by maggots.

According to police information, the corpse is that of a man who was placed in a fetal position in construction. When he was walled in, he was already dead, and the first autopsy has yet to provide any clues as to the identity of the deceased.

Identification is very difficult due to advanced decomposition. None of the tenants on the four floors of the building could identify the man either. The same is true of the butcher, whose back door leads to the inner courtyard.

The commissioned craftsman poses a conundrum for the investigators: according to the police, the resident only knows his first name. The criminal police of the department of Seine-Saint-Denis took over the investigation of the case.