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A wide range of small and large artworks

A wide range of small and large artworks

Organizer Sylvia Koller warmly welcomed many guests into the cozy old hall featuring exquisitely designed display tables. She was pleased to represent artists from Appenzell. Erika Speck offers cups and canisters for storing sweets, tea, and thousands of other small items, originally labeled with lively hand lettering. Franz Einawin (Lehmerwees Franz) shows off his sculpture. A full dairy farm is lined up there, but also ‘Jacket Fräuli’, ‘Buuremannli mit Zipfelchappe’ and ‘Schlottefraue’ will be ready to move to a new home. The ten exhibitors’ broad offering also ranges from colorful pottery to painting, calligraphy and a variety of transformed objects and floral works.

Once the appetizers were open, we started chatting with the artists, who were happy to provide information about their creative works. Surely the enthusiasm for their work was able to encourage one or the other to once again awaken their dormant hobby and plunge into their creative activity. One is often surprised by the amount of time spent searching for the right material. Whether it’s finding the right wood, the best brushes, the most suitable paint surfaces and papers, or even the best and smallest miniature materials to make a ‘Chausehuube’, for example.

Suddenly, a subtle ringing sound rang out, and the lively conversations instantly fell silent. The guys from Chlausschuppel TV Hundwil were standing there at “Edelwissemp ond bruune Hose mit em Bschlagne” and added a special festive touch to their singing. Fortunately this happened several times that evening.

Now the artists are looking forward to a large number of visitors, every day from 2 pm to 8 pm, and on weekends from 10 am to 8 pm. The event concludes on November 5 with opening hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.