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A trans weightlifter wins the women's title, sparking a debate about fairness

A trans weightlifter wins the women's title, sparking a debate about fairness

Vicki Piper, a 57-year-old transgender weightlifter, attracted both plaudits and criticism by claiming her first national title at the Masters Powerlifting Championships in Reno, Nevada. how “WPDE” Piper reportedly dominated her age and weight group with 56kg in the snatch and 71kg in the clean and jerk, for a total of 127kg. This means that she outperformed her competitor by 17 kilograms.

Discussion about fairness after a weightlifter's win

However, Piper's success has not only generated positive headlines like these “New York Post” mentioned. The fact that a trans woman dominated the competition has sparked a debate about fairness and equality in women's sports. On social media, Piper shared her joy with the message: “My first national powerlifting competition,” and highlighted her identity with the hashtag “#transwomenarewomen.”

Conservative voices speak

Critical voices included prominent conservatives like Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman and until recently Republican presidential candidate, who pointed to changes in the sports world. He mentioned the previous push for Title IX — a U.S. federal law prohibiting gender discrimination in educational sports — and compared it to the current recognition of transgender athletes. Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert also criticized the development.

Guidelines for transgender athletes

The American Weightlifting Association, the American Weightlifting Association, responded to the controversy by setting clear guidelines for the participation of transgender athletes. Among the regulations is that female athletes must undergo hormone treatment for at least two years to reduce potential competitive advantages. According to WPDE, the association was bound by a court order to allow transgender athletes to compete in the women's divisions.

The controversy surrounding Vicki Piper is reminiscent of the darts case. There, Dutchwoman Noa-Line van Leeuven became the first trans woman to win championships in both mixed and women's competitions for the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Her recent victory in the Women's PDC Series in the English city of Wigan, in which she defeated, among others, British world number one Beau Greves, sparked a wave of criticism – both online and among her teammates.