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A third UK studio opened

Developer Creative Assembly has opened its third studio in the UK and is now one of the largest developers in the country.

The developer is primarily familiar to gamers with the overall combat strategy series Creative Assembly Opened another studio.

Seka-based UK-based company has opened a new studio in West Sussex. There are now three studios in Great Britain.

They also have the new special motion capture feature elsewhere, which is also the largest developer in the country.

Studio manager Gareth Edmonton supports a work-life balance approach, resulting in flexible working hours.

“We have a fantastic reputation as one of the best game developers working with our positive attitude to work-life balance. I want to build it and see the end of the traditional 9-5 office work model.”

“In the future, we will redesign our work model to streamline flexibility, for which we need the right environment. Let’s redesign the office. “

In addition to strategic games for PC, Creative Assembly also created Alien: Consoles and Isolation for PC.