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A thief steals a van full of donuts

A thief steals a van full of donuts

A nightmare for a delivery person, a nightmare for donut fans: A woman stole a delivery truck in Australia. Inside were 10,000 donuts.

Australian police are searching for a 30-year-old woman who stole a van full of donuts. Around 4am on Wednesday, the driver of a donut delivery truck pulled into a gas station in Carlingford, north-west of Sydney. When she went to the checkout to pay, the thief saw her chance and drove off in the van.

The white van had about 10,000 donuts. According to Australian media, these include classic and Christmas categories. Krispy Kreme is in the process of replacing 10,000 stolen donuts.

She’s not the first donut thief

Currently, the police are searching for the woman and are asking the public for information. It is not yet clear whether he was targeting the delivery truck or the tasty cargo. The presence of sweets in the vehicle cannot be seen from the outside.

Last month, a thief stole a Dunkin’ Donuts van in the US state of Connecticut. However, it came up empty-handed – the stuff came out as the truck drove away.