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A Syrian woman walks in Saxony and is examined by police

A Syrian woman walks in Saxony and is examined by police

Wrong for refugees

A Syrian woman is walking in Saxony, and the police are waiting for her at the hotel

Reham Al-Kousa hiked through the forests of Saxon Switzerland with a group from Syria. Everyone had to present their ID cards upon returning to the hotel.


On November 9, 2023, Reham Al-Kousa went on a hiking trip with a group from Syria to the wooded, mountainous region of Saxon Switzerland.

X/Reham Al-Koussa

  • Syrian Reham Al-Koussa is a member of a hiking club registered in Germany.

  • On Thursday, police examined the group in the state of Saxony.

  • The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is performing particularly well in elections there.

While journalist Reham Al-Koussa and her group were hiking through the wooded mountainous area in Saxon Switzerland In the state of Saxony, eastern Germany When they returned to the hotel, the police were waiting for them. The identities of the hikers, most of whom were Syrians from all over Germany, were checked. He asked the Xhosa what the problem was. The officers explained that one of the people had previously reported it to the police because he had seen a group of foreigners As illegal refugees I mentioned.

The Syrians are members of a German-registered hiking club that chose forests in the Czech border region for their hike that day. All group participants are legally present in Germany on a work or student visa.

The AfD is the strongest party in Saxony

Reham Al-Koussa described her experience on the X website (formerly Twitter). The journalist, who works for the media group Thomson Reuters, received a lot of support in the comments: some users apologized for the actions of the police and the actions of the caller. But there are also many discriminatory comments to read.

In Saxony, the far-right Alternative for Germany party is performing particularly well in the elections. As Taz reported, the AfD is currently the strongest force in the opinion polls. More than 35% of the population will vote for right-wing extremists in the next state elections on September 1, 2024. However, the AfD is unlikely to come to power, as no other party is willing to enter into a coalition with it.

Despite the unpleasant experience, Syrian Reham Al-Kousa refused to become discouraged. On Friday, she posted another photo of herself in the forests of Saxon Switzerland, writing: “We’re still walking, we’re still walking.”

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