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A surprise for PlayStation fans, but many of them are angry with it • JPGAMES.DE

A surprise for PlayStation fans, but many of them are angry with it • JPGAMES.DE

shortly after Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade im Epic Games Store There is the next surprise for Final Fantasy fans today. It comes absolutely unexpectedly.

surpriseFans will soon be able to upgrade their PlayStation Plus version of Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) to the PS5 version. The optimization upgrade is free. Of course only if you have a PlayStation 5. But that is exactly what was previously not possible with the PS Plus variant.

Who is the Final Fantasy VII Remake was released on PS Plus in MarchNeither the PS5 upgrade nor the Intergrade DLC INTERmission can be downloaded with Yuffie Content, which is only available on PS5. Somewhat understandable, because the PS Plus version was available at no additional cost.

From Wednesday, reports Twitter accountPS Plus subscribers who have received Final Fantasy VII Remake in the program can Upgrade das PS5 are related. An active PS Plus subscription is still required, of course. In addition, INTERmission DLC will be available for a limited time at 25% off PS5.

Fans are angry anyway: One user calls this a “slap in the face” because he previously bought the PS5 version. He blames it on Sony’s “anti-customer bullshit”. Another user is requesting to announce something like this in a timely manner. Another user describes it as “fraudulent” because he wouldn’t have seen it six months ago.

Your personal annoyance a bit, especially if you recently bought the PS5 version to run INTERmission, is certainly understandable. It certainly doesn’t make sense to expect publishers to announce such campaigns months in advance.

However, another user reports that Intergrade content is still not available for PS4. This is more than outrageous. Because PS5 is not only expensive, but also hard to get.

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