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“A substitute runner is not really a substitute runner”: The biathlon relay takes third place

“A substitute runner is not really a substitute runner”: The biathlon relay takes third place

The men’s relay was part of the Biathlon World Cup program in Östersund, Sweden. The DSV quartet made up well for the absence of Romain Reis and Julius Strehlo, who started the World Cup successfully, also finishing third behind Norway and France with two substitutes.

David Zobel pitched well as the base runner.

David Zobel as the starting runner and Johannes Kuhn as the last runner replaced the ill Roman Reis and Justus Strehlo (infectious symptoms) and Philipp Neurath as second and then Benedikt Doll completed the DSV quadruple in the 4 x 7.5 km relay in Östersund.

I’m going to have Justus show me the prone shooting again.

Zobel handed off to Nawrath on fourth down and later told “ZDF” that he was generally satisfied with his performance, even though he had to reload three times at the shooting range: “I’ll let Justus show me prone shooting again.” But then he caught up and skated the “snake lines” across the field thanks to good skates and remained stable when shooting standing up.

The 30-year-old Norat had a strong race and quickly led the field alongside Taraje Bou and did not let the Norwegian get away from him even in his final race. The third runner, Doll, took second place and entered into a duel with Johannes Thingnes Bø. Progress after the prone phase remained unchanged; Austria, in third place, was about 20 seconds behind.

Johannes Thingnes Bo walks away

Then the dominant player at the last Winter World Cup increased the pace, and Doll was unable to follow up, after the Norwegian’s second errorless shot increased the lead over Black Forster, who held off the rest of the field and sent Kuhn into the final sequence in second place.

Kühn has to get into the penalty loop

While Vettel Sjastad Christiansen was supposed to deliver Norway’s confident success, Kuhn had to fend off Villon Maillet behind him, who was sneaking up on the 32-year-old. The DSV athlete was able to keep the Frenchman in check with the prone shot, but Fillon Maillet made no mistakes shooting from his position and pulled away as Cohen had to enter the penalty loop.

It was still enough for third place behind Norway and France. Doll admitted that “there’s still room for improvement when it comes to shooting,” but specifically praised Zobel and Cone: “Our backup runners weren’t really backup runners.”