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A social media break during the holidays: Here’s what PR experts say

A social media break during the holidays: Here’s what PR experts say

Digital detox

“The algorithm is punished a day after the social media outage.”

“He who relaxes, he rusts” – this principle seems to hold more weight in the fast-moving world of content creators. Marketing experts agree that there should still be a break.


Rest and holidays are good for everyone and should be implemented accordingly, marketing experts agree. The reality is usually different for creative people.

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  • If you want to start as an influencer, you need to be active on social media every single day.

  • For many content creators, putting the cell phone away during the holidays is out of the question.

  • In principle, there isn’t much to say against just taking a break from broadcasting, as a major marketing agency assures.

since The rise of social media platforms is also the term for “digital detox”. in the whole world. For individuals, being constantly offline is not usually associated with loss. Instead, one takes advantage of the digital downtime – especially during the holidays. But the content creator’s profession doesn’t seem to allow for a social media break at all. Most influencers say they upload content to their accounts every single day, without exception.

“The algorithm is very important for building a community, especially for newcomers. It usually only penalizes you after a day if you’ve posted daily before, says Sarah Schmid, head of marketing at Kingfluencers. It is difficult to estimate how much is lost if there is an absence of several days, because the algorithm affects creators to varying degrees depending on the number of followers and follower engagement over the years. “But we think it’s nice to see that so many great creators also take a break from social media from time to time.”

For Farina Opoku, January is a good month to take a break

For example, the German influencer Carmen Kroll (31) aka Carmuschka, who is famous for sharing content every day, will consciously tell the community that there is sometimes a week-long break from broadcasting. Then she can come back fresh from vacation and make awesome new content.

Farina Opoku (Novalanalove), considered one of the most famous German influencers, has even scheduled a longer fixed break in the calendar. The 32-year-old takes a month-long break from social media every year in January because she wants to take that break, and from her point of view, this is the “quieter month” when it comes to requests. “We conclude that the losses are within limits, or that they are worth stopping,” says Sarah Schmid.

Overwork hurts the quality of the content

Once you have built a loyal community, you must follow the “Quality over Quantity” credo. “Content creators are normal people who need a break from time to time. So we always support that decision,” says Schmid. Proper advance planning and community outreach is the most important thing before anyone goes on vacation.

According to Tamara Glück, Chief Strategist at Kingfluencers, creators also need to lead by example when engaging with social media. “Overwork and overuse not only harm your mental health, but also reduce the added value of society, as this is reflected in the originality and quality of the content. Rest and holidays are good for everyone and should be implemented accordingly.

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