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A senior (65) has robbed a bank in the United States of dollars

What motivates a person to rob a bank? In most cases probably the desire to enrich himself. It seems unusual for someone to rob a bank with the intention of going to jail.

The beginning of the popular TV series “Prison Break” actually took place – in the American state of Utah.

“NBC” reports on this strange incident: Donald Santagros walks into a bank in Salt Lake City. The 65-year-old left a note to staff: “Sorry, but this is a robbery – please give me a dollar, thank you.”

The employees comply with Santagros’ request and ask him to leave the bank. He refuses and instead tells her to call the police, which the staff does. When the officers arrive, they arrest the “bank robber”. No one gets hurt.

But it gets even stranger when the man confesses his motive to the police: Santagros explains that he committed the bank robbery because he wanted to be arrested and imprisoned. His wish was granted — the 65-year-old was transferred to the Salt Lake County Metro Jail for “aggravated robbery.”