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A secret guide to love in the church

A secret guide to love in the church

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It happened at the service after the announcement: King Frederick's loving gesture to Queen Mary was not intended for the public.

COPENHAGEN – When Frederick However, for doubters of the royal couple's love, the silent gesture in the darkness of Aarhus Cathedral was of much greater significance.

The kiss between Queen Mary and King Frederick did not convince all fans of the royal family

Even if the abdication of Queen Margaret II (83 years old) and the declaration of Frederick as king was a major distraction, there was still the alleged Frederick affair, which shook the Danish kingdom at the end of the year. Some or some people cannot sweep it under the rug and forget about it. To her, the kiss on the Christiansborg balcony in front of 100,000 spectators must have seemed like pure excitement.

But on January 21, the ceremony took place at Aarhus Cathedral, where Danish radio broadcast singing and music, but television cameras, as is common in places of worship, are not welcome. There have been loud reports on Danish broadcaster DR1 Party.D However, images came to light that may have convinced the latter critic of the authenticity of the love between Mary and Frederick.

In the darkness of the cathedral there was an intimate relationship between Queen Mary and King Frederick

Although King Frederick enters the church before Queen Mary, his attention is focused on her.
Although King Frederick enters the church before Queen Mary, his attention is focused on her. © Bo Amstrup/Imago

At the service, the new king and queen were sitting next to each other in their church chairs when Frederick gently and discreetly reached out for Mary's hand, pulling her to him, barely recognizable. The mother of four stayed there for some time before moving on. Already on the way to the cathedral, it became clear, and was documented several times on video, how clearly Frederick cared for his cheerful, happy wife. What a royal admirer he was.
dnk.royalty.with.domini He even encouraged the royal couple to accompany their Instagram walk with soothing music.

Even if the kiss between Marie and Frederick touched the heart, the loving gesture after the great uproar in Aarhus Cathedral seems more real. Her daughter Isabella's sweet reaction also spoke volumes. Sources used: Instagram @dnk.royalty.with.domini, DR1