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A sad revelation about their last conversation

Prince Harry: He regrets the last letter to Diana

Then when his beloved mother died, “One day writing letters has become completely impossible,” Like a prince. Because the twelve-year-old was firmly convinced that Diana was still alive and was hiding. Which put him in a hopeless position, he recalled:

I was told that the maids asked me for a The “last letter” to Mummy Requested. I vaguely remember wanting to argue that she was alive but not afraid that they would think me crazy. Why is it different at all? A mummy would read the message as soon as she came out of the lair and it wouldn’t be such a futile effort anymore.

Harry cannot remember the exact contents of the letter he then wrote to his deceased mother, but he still regrets his words today.

Maybe I threw something on paper as a formality: I missed it, that school was going well and so on. I think I folded it again and handed it to the nanny. I remember, I immediately regretted not taking the writing seriously. If I had dug in deeper and told my mother everything that was on my mind, especially my regrets about our last phone call.