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A Power Struggle among U.S. Republicans: Pressure Growing on Trump's Critic

A Power Struggle among U.S. Republicans: Pressure Growing on Trump’s Critic

A Power Struggle among U.S. Republicans: Pressure Growing on Trump’s Critic

Liz Cheney is under pressure. Photo: Cornerstone

In the power struggle between Republicans in the US House of Representatives, pressure is mounting on former President Donald Trump’s critic, Liz Cheney. Leader of the party’s parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, told Fox News on Sunday that he supports Cheney’s in-house candidate for the presidency of the House Republican Congress, Elise Stefanik.

In a guest post in the Washington Post on Wednesday, Cheney urged her fellow party members to break with Trump and pleaded with them to “move away from Trump’s dangerous, anti-democratic personality cult.” As chair of the House Republican Congress, Cheney is the third-highest-ranking member of her group. Trump calls for her removal from this leadership post.

Cheney is one of ten Republicans to vote with Democrats for impeachment measures against Trump after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in early January. The majority required in the Senate to convict Trump did not occur at that time.

Since Trump was defeated by his Democratic rival Joe Biden In the November elections, there was a dispute over the direction of the Republican Party. There may be a Republican vote on Wednesday in the House of Representatives to determine Cheney’s future in office. (sda / dpa)

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