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A picture of Vladimir Putin wearing high heels makes people laugh

Vladimir Putin is the most powerful man in Russia – but not the greatest. A pair of heels aims to change that.


The basics in brief

  • Pictures of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and students caused a stir.
  • Let’s see: the head of the Kremlin with a height of 1.70 meters wears high-heeled shoes.
  • The British media talks about the “macho” in “high heels”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves to show himself Especially males. Because: Guys who live their feminine side don’t fit in with the world at all Kremlin propaganda. The new photos of the head of state, which show him in heels, are even more laughable.

The photos were taken on Wednesday when Putin met a group of students in Moscow. The British “Sun” mocks the Russian “macho” and describes him as a “tyrant 1.70 meters tall”.

on too Twitter Make fun of a lot of outfits. “I’ve always suspected Putin of being particularly high heels,” one user jokes. Another says: “Putin seems to be wearing high heels so he doesn’t look like a troll next to the kids.”

A Kremlin insider claims that Vladimir Putin uses doubles

But high heels aren’t the only thing causing a stir in photos. The Kremlin– Insiders believe that Vladimir Putin does not appear at all – rather, he is a double. The internal channel “General SVR” wrote on Telegram that there are clear differences.

Channel sees evidence that he seems happy when meeting the students. But the day before, he showed himself with an angry facial expression with his right hand covered.

Do you think Putin uses doppelgangers?

According to the channel, it is also noticeable: Putin has nothing at all afraid Before you get too close to a group of strangers. It was often different in the past. So I did Russian president He always makes headlines with his long meeting table.

In the past year, there have been frequent rumors that the head of the Kremlin uses doubles. For example, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence service claimed that Vladimir Putin was represented by three husbands. Each of them has to undergo surgeries to make them more like him.

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