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A pensioner fell for fraud – and lost 7,500 francs!

A pensioner fell for fraud – and lost 7,500 francs!

Beatrice Egli promised quick money in an ad. Just: There were scammers behind the ad who robbed Susanna J.

This browser does not support the video component. Leuthold – Susanna fell into an online scam.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Susanna Gee clicks an ad with pop singer Beatrice Egli.
  • The scammers behind it are robbing the pensioner from Zurich.
  • You'll probably never see the money again.

Paying back the money and going on vacation again was what retiree Susanna J. dreamed of. By Uster ZH When you clicked on an ad promising quick money.

But the procedure cost her dearly. The 66-year-old lost more than 7,500 francs to scammers.

Last November, Susanna clicked on a post regarding Schwyz singer Beatrice Egli (35). She is said to have given financial advice on television that “every poor person in Switzerland can earn thousands of francs a day in just five minutes.”

Sound too good to be true? that it! Neither the article nor the information contained in it was factual – and Beatrice Egli provided no financial advice whatsoever.

Speaking to, Susanna recalls the scam. She only had to pay 250 francs to get started. Then she was contacted by a woman claiming to be a finance professional. She asked if she could access Susanna's computer. “So she wanted to show me how I could invest.”

No problem, the retiree thought. The woman began “pushing violently.” “It happened so fast that I couldn't even follow it. She was really professional,” the 66-year-old recalls.

The retiree loses money

Shortly afterwards, the woman called again and presented a wallet worth 59,000 francs. It was said that she could have part of this money – 12 thousand francs – paid immediately. For this purpose, the retiree only has to pay a commission of 7,000 francs to the broker. In return, the money will be transferred to her.

The 66-year-old paid the amount, but the 12,000 francs never reached her account.

What's more: Fraudsters frequently use the retiree's credit card and try to access her account.

According to the police, the matter is hopeless

Provided by Susanna J. complaint. According to the police, the matter may be hopeless. “There's no chance,” the retiree says resignedly.

The police officer told her that the scammers might not be caught for a few years. Retired Susanna J. Gallows humor: “In the end, you might be able to pay for my funeral with it.” This could be ten years or more. I'm not 30 anymore either.”

Beatrice Egli: “There are no words to describe it”

This is not the first time scammers have stolen fans of Beatrice Egli. In 2021, a Bernese fan paid 80,000 francs to fake Beatrice. She made him believe she was in love and promised to marry him.

This browser does not support the video component.

Instagram/ @beatrice_egli_official – Beatrice Egli warns her fans about scammers.

Then the real Beatrice spoke out on Instagram. She told her fans: “It's all really fake. Only my blue-tagged profiles are real. I don't write for people I don't know, and I definitely don't ask for money!”

Beauty believes that “it is too bad that people are being exploited in my name.” “I don't have words for it. “I hope it's over now.”