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A palace employee expresses his concern – “unusual”

A palace employee expresses his concern – “unusual”

There is also no personal update or photos of Princess Kate. 'Very strange and very unusual' after abdominal surgery.

What exactly is going on with Princess Kate? – Corner stone

The basics in a nutshell

  • Princess Kate appears to have disappeared from the face of the Earth.
  • She underwent abdominal surgery in January.
  • Since then, there has been little information about her.

Rarely has there been such stubborn silence regarding this matter…

There have been no photos of Princess Kate, 42, since last Christmas. Prince William's wife, 41, had to undergo abdominal surgery in January.

In her last public appearance on December 25, Princess Kate did not notice anything. – Corner stone

This is all there is to know about Princess Kate.

Whoa whoa. no. It is officially said that the princess will be fine and will recover until Easter.

Nor did King Charles III. (75) He talks about his daughter-in-law. Prince William still does this in detail.

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“It's very strange And very unusual. “The fact is that nothing regarding Kate's health has been leaked to the outside world,” Bild Now quoted a palace staffer as saying.

Princess Kate – how is she really?

“This did not happen even when the Queen or Prince Philip were ill.”

Princess Kate lives completely isolated at her home, Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Adelaide Country House near Windsor Castle is the home of Prince William and Princess Kate. – Doukas

The palace employee continued: “Of course, this fuels the wildest speculation and rumours.”

Only this week the palace responded to exactly such rumours. There are thousands of entries under the hashtag #WhereIsKateMiddleton.

“I read earlier that Kate is doing well. Is this really an update? People want details. “Things still don't make sense,” she said.

A big secret is being kept about Princess Kate's health. – Corner stone

Another user speculated that Princess Kate is the mysterious artist Banksy. “There has been no Banksy since Kate Middleton disappeared. Coincidence?” he says.

Then the English “Sun” published this statement from the palace. “We've obviously seen the social media craze, and this won't change our strategy,” he added.

“There was a lot on social media, but the princess has the right to privacy. The public is asked to respect that.”

Finally he said this. “We remind you of the January statement. “The Princess of Wales has expressed her wish for her medical information to remain confidential.”

Princess Kate: William spontaneously withdrew from the memorial service

The English are also increasingly concerned about Prince William since the health problems suffered by Kate and Charles.

Earlier this week, a memorial service for former Greek King Constantine II was held at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. He died last year at the age of 82.

Prince William also planned to attend his godfather's celebration. But in church, he did not shine with his presence.

The 41-year-old canceled shortly before the date for “personal reasons”. The whole thing is said to have happened in a very short time, because his name was not removed from the service program until the end.