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A new type of dinosaur has been discovered in Australia since the Cretaceous

IIn Australia, geologists have confirmed the largest dinosaur discovery ever made in the country. At 30 meters long and six meters high from the ground to the waist, this animal has been a true colon since the Cretaceous. The bones of a plant that lived about 95 million years ago were discovered 15 years ago in southwestern Queensland. Now it has got the official name: Astraloton Cooperance. Scientists report long-term research on skeleton in “Birje” magazine.

Scott Hucknall, a geologist at the Sydney Morning Herald’s Queensland Museum, said: “We can now throw our hats into the ring because we determine the world’s largest dinosaurs.” Belonging to this “elite group”, the media cheered.

To clarify the incredible dimensions of the giant, the paper used a comparison: the Astralotian Coalition said it was “a basketball court and two stories tall”. When the robot occupied Earth, present-day Australia still belonged to the larger continent of Kondwana.

Polyontologist Robin McKenzie and her husband Stuart reportedly found dinosaur bones in 2006 while circling cattle on their own land. “We would never have thought we were dealing with Australia’s largest animal and the world’s largest animal,” broadcaster ABC quoted McKenzie on Tuesday. They nicknamed him the giant “Cooper” because they found him near the village of Cooper Creek.

It took many years until the bones were all dug up and put together and determined by experts. Among other things, sophisticated 3D models have been created using modern technology, Hagnall explained.