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A new trailer for the puzzle game has been published

A new trailer for the puzzle game has been published

On Monday, developer Red Koi Box announced the release of its latest puzzle game, Faraday Protocol, with a trailer.

The basics in brief

  • Faraday Protocol is a new puzzle and adventure game from developer Red Koi Box.
  • In it you are an interstellar archaeologist and you explore a mysterious space station.
  • The game will be released on all platforms on August 12th.

On August 12, Italian developer Red Koi Box released Faraday Protocol, its first game. The trailer for the adventure and puzzle game was released on Monday.

Faraday Protocol takes on the role of Rogue Zycon, an interstellar archaeologist. He explores the mysterious “OPIS” space station and he has to do it Overcome many puzzles. The game’s aesthetics are “a unique blend of science fiction and Art Deco,” as publisher Deck13 explains in the game’s description.

The new Faraday Protocol game trailer.

At first glance, the blue and orange power stripes in the trailer remind us of Valve’s “Portal Series.” They must be redirected in order to bring the alien machine back to life.

Faraday protocol It will be released on August 12th to Play Station 4, Xbox OneSwitch between PC via Steam.

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