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A new subnautica is under development

A new subnautica is under development

The developer behind the survival game Subnautica, Unknown Worlds, is working on the next entry in the series. You can read more about this here!

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Back in February, Unknown Worlds posted a call to a senior programmer in the studio, and new job opportunities continued to be posted online. These include master narrator, environmental artists, and materials artists. The most recent one, the lead narrative designer position, specifically states that the role will be in “the next game in Subnautica-Universe “.

Not just a new one SubnauticaThe game is in development, Unknown Worlds is also creating a new turn-based sci-fi IP called project m. It’s the studio’s first project since its date late last year pubgDeveloper Krafton has been taken over. project m It was first mentioned last year along with the acquisition announcement and is set to enter early entry sometime this year. The latest evolution of the unknown worlds was Subnautica: Less Than Zero (to test us). before it starts Subnautica In 2018. If there is more information, we will keep you posted!