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A New Love - Kaley Cuoco in Good Hands Once Again - News

A New Love – Kaley Cuoco in Good Hands Once Again – News


The Big Bang Theory star is back in the relationship after two failed marriages.

American actress Kaley Cuoco shares a series of photos via Instagram, which also show her new partner. It’s about actor Tom Belfry, who starred in the Netflix series Ozark, among other things. The 39-year-old also shares Polaroid pictures of himself and his new love on Instagram, confirming the relationship.

They write poetic lines about their photos, as written under the post of the 36-year-old girl: “The sun breaks through the clouds, golden rays fall into my eyes and my heart, yellow rays pierce gray.”

Her new friend also appears to have a hairline, writing, “Everything is so familiar and easy. It’s so easy that there’s so much good in the world that you don’t know how to get it. And you wonder when you’ve lost your place. Then you get a breeze so warm and pure that you You hope someone will come who can not save you either, but who thinks you are worth saving.”


Kaley Cuoco and Tom Belfry are in new love

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Two failed marriages

It’s Cuoco’s first official relationship since her split from jumper Karl Cook last year. She was married to him for three years. Last September, the aficionados of the bird show filed for divorce. She explained the move to “People Magazine” as follows: “Despite our deep love and respect for each other, we have come to realize that our current paths are taking us in opposite directions.” Prior to that, Koko was married to American tennis player Ryan Sweeting for three years.

Hope for a long relationship

In an interview with Glamor magazine in April, Coco talked about her love life and hopes for the future, saying, “I’d like to have a lasting relationship or partnership. But I won’t get married again. Definitely impossible.” You may already be hinting at the relationship with the actor and hoping that this is a permanent relationship now.

Instagram photo gallery of Kaley Cuoco for her new relationship