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A new downlight spot has appeared in Australia!

Not much was expected from LiFX, but unexpectedly a new downlight spot from the company appeared on an Australian online store.

New LiFX downlight listed in Australia

LiFX is a former company that by all accounts has already crossed the brink of extinction. However, a new product appeared unexpectedly, which is available in an Australian online store JP HiFi showed A new downlight spot with a GU10 bulb is listed there and, curiously enough, cannot be found directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Smart lighting maker LiFX has been acquired by smart lighting maker Feit Electric. It is based in USA.

In a way, the new Spot is the successor to the earlier LiFX downlight, which was available in white and color versions. It is fitted with an Australian Type I plug, which is also used in China, New Zealand and Argentina. With a maximum of 800 lumens, the spot offers different whites or different colors in the range of 1500 to 9000 K. The lamp can be integrated into the home WLAN and controlled using Alexa, Google or HomeKit.

It is not clear if this spot will also be distributed outside of Australia. However, it is good to see that the company’s latest acquisition is already paying off.

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