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A meteorite fell in Sardinia

A meteorite fell in Sardinia

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People in Sardinia have the opportunity to find a meteorite that recently fell from the sky. Researchers even shared the approximate crash location.

Armongia – Shooting stars are pieces of rock that come from space and burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere. If all the rocks don’t break down due to heat and friction, the remains – called meteorites – end up on Earth. This is what happened last Sunday (October 8) on the holiday island of Sardinia Italy. The National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) announced on Friday (October 13) that the space object has not yet been found. Scientists called on residents to search. But whoever finds the rock should not touch it.

Meteorite impact in Sardinia: A piece of rock perhaps four to five centimeters in size

Last Sunday, a magnificent fireball swept across the skies of Sardinia INAF scientists said in a statement Announce. Supposedly, a piece of rock fell to the ground near the village of Armongia in Sardinia. The cameras of the Italian Network for Systematic Monitoring of Meteors and the Atmosphere, or “Prisma” for short, recorded the rock’s fall from space.

Meteor showers over Tehran. A small piece of a meteorite that recently fell in Italy (symbolic image). © Imago/Murtaza Nikobazl/Norphoto

“The scattered field is 800 meters long and is located about one kilometer northwest of the city,” said the scientists, who took into account several factors such as wind speed when determining the potential location of the discovery. The area around the crash site is largely inaccessible and is said to be about 65 kilometers from Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari. Researchers estimate that the piece of rock could be four to five centimeters in diameter.

GPS data for the meteorite’s estimated crash location, according to the researchers:

39.524704°N, 9.381684° (declination about 800 metres)

Scientists call on residents to search – “Do not touch anything”

According to researchers, the small piece of rock is very dark and was likely lying on the ground in a dense forest area. Researchers say anyone passing through the forests surrounding Armongia should watch the discovery from space. “In this case, don’t touch anything, take a photo with your smartphone, record the GPS coordinates, and email everything to the Prisma project office [email protected]“It was the world’s request.

Experts will then submit a report as quickly as possible and explain to the lucky finders how to properly collect the meteorite. “Enjoy the search,” the message continued.

Al-Shehab has always called people to dream. Astronomers talk about glowing trails in the night sky Of meteors. They are created by meteorites – pieces of rock from space. These elements enter the Earth’s atmosphere and usually burn up or disintegrate. As in the current case in Sardinia, what does not burn reaches the Earth in the form of meteorites, that is, pieces of rock.