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A meteorite falls to Earth near Berlin

A meteorite falls to Earth near Berlin

A bright spot, and then it was really over: a small asteroid collided with Earth, and its debris fell near Berlin.

A celestial scene was seen in eastern Germany on Sunday evening. A meteorite burned up on its way to Earth. It can be seen in Leipzig and also in Berlin. According to NASA calculations, it is supposed to hit near Neynhausen, east of the federal capital. It is not yet clear whether there is any debris from the meteorite.

Scientist Michael I captured the moment the light ball appeared in the sky of Berlin. “Thanks to my colleagues at Allplanets, I know when and where to look,” he wrote on the platform.

NASA described it as a “very small asteroid” that struck Earth. It appears to have only been discovered recently, and experts suspect it was less than a meter long.

Video recordings on the network A webcam from the city of Leipzig also recorded the moment the meteorite burned.