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A lawyer stumbles upon a fable question for 500 euros

01/05/2023, 11:26 a.m01/05/2023, 15:42

It’s a real test marathon that’s currently broadcasting on RTL. In four programmes, Günther Jauch is looking for candidates for the Grand Final round on Friday. There is a huge amount of 3 million euros. On Wednesday, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Among others Siamak Jamshidi qualified.

Attorney Ciamak Djamchidi and Quiz Master Günther Jauch on Wednesday.Image: rtl+

It doesn’t look good for the lawyer from Berlin at first. He already had to get the audience to help with the €500 question: “I can’t do that, Mr. Gauch,” he says. Indeed, the fairy tale question is not without it, but the audience helps the candidate get through this first hurdle. Do you know the answer?

Siamak Jamshidi wins 64 thousand euros

How far would you go

With his defensive game and skillful use of jest, Jamshidi confidently passes questions. When the 46-year-old Berlin grabs the Joker for asking about math, Gauch’s collar snaps: “You’re a coward,” he says. The lawyer answered dryly, “Thank you.” Thus the candidate works his way through the €64,000 question. When asked this, Gauch immediately said, “I would not like anyone to answer the question with a phone joker.”

However, Jamshidi has no other choice. However, his jester confidently gives him the correct answer, and even the medium is amazed at who knows him. And in fact, the candidate drove around a bit as a chauffeur before his law career. He once did a taxi service for Thomas Gottschalk. He invited him to a curry sausage and tipped over €100.

He also drove a former US president around Berlin. On the other hand, Bill Clinton was less generous, and there was only one book signed by him. The question of botany for 125 thousand euros finally ended for Jamshidi, and here he had to give up without resistance. But with €64,000 won, the lawyer confidently qualified for the final on Friday. (leo)

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