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A guest at an American bar tips nearly 15,000 francs

A guest at an American bar tips nearly 15,000 francs

It’s raining money in a bar in Londonnery (USA)! A generous guest tip is about 15,000 francs. He had only had snacks and three drinks.

The basics in brief

  • 14,680 francs tip when consuming 35 francs.
  • Bar in the US state of New Hampshire had a good patron in the institution.

Everyone wants such guests Sweetened! bar visitor from New Hampshire guarantees real gains in “Stumble Inn Bar & Grill”.

Bar goers give employees the equivalent of a whopping 14,680 A tip for the franc. That’s nearly 420 percent!

The man only consumed two hot peppers, fried cucumber chips, and three drinks. It would have cost the honorable guest about 35 francs to eat.

And, as the “WMUR” portal knows, he told employees: “Do not spend everything at once.” The waiter no longer understood the world.

How much do you tip on average?

As the owner Mike Zarrella initially said the kind gentleman had made a mistake. However, the customer then confirmed that the amount was correct.

tip or tip It was divided among the staff.

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