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A German model talks about an affair for the first time

A German model talks about an affair for the first time

Nicole Potoralsky has received more attention since her brief relationship with actor Brad Pitt. But this did not change her.

The basics in brief

  • Nicole Potoralsky is speaking for the first time since her relationship with Brad Pitt.
  • You will be grateful for everything.
  • But it was as before.

I enjoyed some celebrity in fashion circles, but model Nicole Butoralsky (28) became really famous in August of last year: at that time, rumors first surfaced that the German and Brad Pitt (57) could be a couple. However, according to insiders, it must be something between the two She wasn’t too serious He is.

Still, Poturalski, former Bates, enjoys Angelina Jolie (46) looks similar, and has received more attention since then. She told she gladly accepted it. “Of course I am very grateful for everything,” she added.

You can also see their attention Instagram-Followers. Their number doubled in one year. It should also be on different covers, including the Elle cover. Thanks Pete Bonus to have.

Nicole Potoralsky has said that her relationship with Brad Pitt made her neither a better nor a worse person. It’s not a trait that you define in some way. “I’m just as I was before.”

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