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A former German minister.  Schily recommends the "Swiss Model" for Ukraine.

A former German minister. Schily recommends the “Swiss Model” for Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (R) with European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Kyiv in April: Ukraine aims to join the European Union and NATO.

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“You have to live with your neighbours, including with Russia”: former German Interior Minister Otto Schily calls for a neutral status for Ukraine, similar to Switzerland.

Former German Interior Minister Otto Schily Ukraine He advocated a neutral perspective based on the Swiss model. Shelley told dpa in Berlin that everyone should recognize that Ukraine wants to remain independent. “But at the same time, it should be clear that you have to live with your neighbors, including with Russia,” Shelley said. Both sides have interests that must be taken into account.”

Shelly noted the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of Ukraine. “Multilingualism, including the Russian language, is an undeniable fact.” Advice from the sidelines is always accompanied by a question mark. “But a look at other countries shows that the interests of all parties can be protected if the country remains militarily neutral,” Schily said. Thus, Chile rejects Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

Justice Minister Arnold Koehler, left, discusses matters with German Interior Minister Otto Schily in Bern on Tuesday, April 27, 1999 after the two signed a police cooperation treaty between Switzerland and Germany.  (KEYSTONE/Alessandro Della Valle)
Justice Minister Arnold Koehler (left) at a discussion in Berne in April 1999 with German Interior Minister Otto Schily. (Archives)

Photo: Keystone

Shelley said Switzerland ideally understood “the development of a free society that respects different ethnic backgrounds and military neutrality”. “A peaceful solution to Ukraine could take an example from the Swiss model.” Chile, on the other hand, continued that he did not see “how Ukraine’s accession to the EU should work without the EU being overstretched.”

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