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A five-month-old baby has arrived in the United States

A five-month-old baby has arrived in the United States

Little kid’s big moment: After fleeing the Taliban, little Al-Aqsa has arrived in the United States. She looks around curiously at the airport.

The basics in brief

  • Thousands are currently fleeing the Taliban.
  • Among them is a five-month-old Afghan girl.
  • He has now arrived in Virginia, USA.

The extremist Islamist Taliban movement has been resettling residents since they came to power worry and horror. Thousands have now left their homes on the run.

The United States has According to the White House, about 105,000 people have been evacuated or evacuated from Afghanistan since August 14 Help evacuate them. One of them: the little al-Aqsa.

The five-month-old was lucky and succeeded On board an American machineto leave Kabul. On Friday, she arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport in the US state of Virginia, the Associated Press reported.

There are a lot of new impressions waiting for you. Al-Aqsa looks around in the hall with big eyes. She was able to escape from the chaos in Afghanistan – now she is in a world completely unknown to her.

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