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A fire in Republic Square causes traffic chaos on the Mainzer Landstrasse

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In Frankfurt there is a fire in a residential and commercial building. Mainzer Landstraße should be partially closed. Traffic chaos happens at rush hour.

Frankfurt – Monday evening (January 2nd) at Republic Square Frankfurt There was a fire in the basement of a residential and commercial building on Mainzer Landstrasse, at the corner of Düsseldorfer Strasse. This is what journalists say 5 vision. news. The Frankfurt Fire Brigade confirmed the situation on Twitter.

The first workers on site were able to realize the development of thick smoke in the basement area and immediately initiated the first procedures. The people on the ground floor were evacuated by the fire brigade and the 1st squad began the first firefighting procedures in the basement of the building. An additional squad started a suppression attack from outside through a light pole located in the firehouse. After a short time, “shooting” could be reported. Items stored are cremated in a small storage room. After the fire brigade implemented ventilation measures, the evacuees were able to re-enter the building.

Because of a fire in the basement, nothing worked on the Mainzer Landstrasse. © Chris Lorenz / 5VISION.NEWS

A fire in Frankfurt caused congestion in the streets during rush hour – the Mainzer Landstraße was partially closed

During extinguishing procedures, Mainzer Landstr. Closed in both directions between Düsseldorfer Strasse and Karlstrasse. Traffic chaos ensued in the surrounding area due to the rush hour traffic. Police investigations are now responsible for explaining what caused the fire and how much damage it caused. No one was injured in the fire.

in a Several fires broke out in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve. The fire department worked all night. (csa/red)