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A disabled man lives 27 hours at sea

A disabled man lives 27 hours at sea

After the tsunami: people live 27 hours at sea

Lisala Fulao lost his homeland. The 57-year-old lived on the small island of Atata, which belongs to the island of Tonga. However, the underwater volcano erupted on Saturday, and a huge tsunami wave rolled over the island, wiping out everything in its path. Folau was washed into the sea.


After the massive volcanic eruption off Tonga and the tsunami, more and more details became known – including happy stories: a 57-year-old man was dragged into the sea by waves and managed to stay here for 27 hours.

The journey of Lisala Folau, a 57-year-old retired carpenter, began on Saturday while he was painting his home on Atata Island. As he said in a radio interview, a loud wave drifted above him as a result of volcanic eruption Additional more.

“I am disabled, my legs do not work properly. She pulled me under the water eight times, I tried to breathe, but the sea surrounded me and kept pulling me,” he describes the tragic situation in the video.

Lisala Fulau has floated at sea for more than a day.

Photo: Keystone

But this was just the beginning of man’s dangerous journey. According to his own statements, Folau floated in the water all night until he finally landed on an uninhabited island. He swam from here for another eight hours or let himself drift further until he came to a second uninhabited island.

Fulao then completed the last stop to the main island of Tongatapu. It is alleged that the man covered more than ten kilometers in the sea for a total of about 27 hours before going ashore and was escorted by a passing vehicle.

As Pulau told Britain’s Sky News, two things came to his mind as he floated helplessly in the water: “First, I still believe in God. The second is my family. And what will you think now: ‘Maybe he died.'”

This image from a video provided by Broadcom Broadcasting shows a damaged boat on Atata Island in Tonga, Sunday, January 16, 2022, the day after a volcanic eruption tsunami near Tonga.  (Kilo Folau / Broadcom Broadcasting via AP)
A boat destroyed by the tsunami on the island of Atata.

Build: Kilo Folau/Broadcom Broadcasting via AP

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