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A commotion around his horse at the Queen's Parade

A commotion around his horse at the Queen’s Parade

Eddie around Prince William’s horse at the Queen’s rehearsal parade. Observers believe the animal has been stunned, and PETA speaks of a possible “injury”

The basics in brief

  • Prince William’s horse didn’t look so good at the Queen’s Parade rehearsal.
  • Observers believed the animal was under heavy sedation.
  • The Animal Protection Organization suspects a possible “infection”.

Celebrate next Thursday The Queen (96) 70th Anniversary of Her Accession to the Throne. The rehearsal for the military parade took place on Saturday. Prince William (39) examined as a colonel whether The Irish Guards are ready for their performance.

The king, dressed in the red and blue uniform of the guard and the traditional black bear-skin hat, can be seen riding on horseback. According to information from the “Daily Mail”, the rehearsal went smoothly.

But now it is turned on American Animal Rights Organization PETA He criticizes the British royal family. Accordingly, William’s horse lowered his head during the exercise. This may indicate that it was “painful or injured.”

Military veterans, whose names were not given, had previously leveled criticism. A source said: “It looks like William’s horse is sedated. His head is on the ground. It’s a shame.”

According to the “Daily Mail”, despite the speculation, it was not possible to confirm whether something was wrong with the horse. PETA Vice President Elisa Allen said: “Horses are nervous and it is easy to be surprised by noises. Animals are known to sometimes be given sedatives at public shows.”

Should royals give up horses at parades?

It is not clear if this applies to Prince William. “But horses shouldn’t be endangered in any way,” says the animal rights activist. Just as the days of military action are over, animals should not be exposed to such situations. “You are putting yourself, the passenger and the public at risk of injury.”

A spokesman for Prince William declined to comment on the criticism. Excitement: Household jockeys participating in such rallies are specially trained. This includes, among other things, desensitization to noise and traffic. You also need to be able to stand still for long periods of time and get used to the weight of the extra equipment.

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